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Today guests demand self-service and mobile check-in.

Consumers widely use ATMs instead of tellers at banks and check-in for flights online - why not extend that same convenience to hotel/motel stays?

TapStay makes it easy to provide the innovative hospitality experiences your guests expect with unique solutions for how to find and access your property.


Innovative and easy to use, your guests will love it!

Using their smartphones, your guests will be able to access their rooms as well as any other area that requires a key, giving them more choice and control over their hospitality experience.


Easy-to-use web application lets your guests easily find, pay and access your rooms even whilst en-route to their destination.

24/7 self check-in

No more waiting in queues. TapStay provides 24/7 self check-in without front-desk interaction.

Easily extensible

Easily extensible to include facilities such as gyms, parking and self-checkout.

Technically advanced. Easily integrated. Perfect for your business.

Great self check-in experience 24/7 boosts customer loyalty.
Reduces reception staff costs.
Eliminates key card failures, losses and ongoing maintenance costs.
Works on any desktop or mobile device. The TapStay solution has been deliberately designed with device compatibility in mind.

Be visible to your mobile guests.

Accessible from any desktop or mobile device, every TapStay door location is represented on the TapStay online roadmap. This means maximum visibility for your business day and night, and best of all, your clients book directly with you - eliminating OTA fees!

Find out how you can unlock your PROFITS with TapStay!

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